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This is the first post on my blog and I’m excited about it! I was born in Lagos, Nigeria to an Igbo father and Yoruba mother. I’m very proud of my heritage, as only a few people in this world can boast of having the rich genes of the Igbo and Yoruba people in one body. I like to describe myself as an ambivert since I don’t fit in either category of extrovert or introvert.

I was a precocious child and still have a little world in my head where I create awesome characters and magic. I’m creative, I love colours, mixing them, painting, creating art. I also love some other things which you will get to discover if you follow my blog. I was an inquisitive child, I was told I could ask anything like; “why isn’t the sky black or green, must it be blue?”.

I’m a natural fanatic, my bad chemicals free journey started after an unforgettable visit to Benin (to visit my cousins). I got bitten by sand/sun fly, so I started looking for a miracle cure for horrible scars the bites left, and I came up with my unique mixture of natural ingredients/oils which I call the “OnyinyeOlufunmi cream”. It cleared all my scars! I really wish now that I took a picture when I had those horrible scars because I did get my miracle. That made me realize nature has all we need. So here on this blog, I want you all to share my natural journey, my rantings, my mixtures, art and of course, my little world with you. So welcome to OnyinyeOlufunmi’s blog.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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