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Didi – A Yoruba Braiding Style

Didi is an ancient Yoruba braiding style. There two types of didi, didi adimole and didi ologede. I recently did the didi adimole and the hairstyle I chose for it is suku. Suku is a hairstyle where the hair is braided up. Suku looks like a braided bun or pineapple. So the hairstyle is basically suku didi adimole. Previously (last year) I did the other type, didi ologede popularly known as suku ologede.

Didi adimole

The second set is that of suku ologede. It wasn’t made with my hair alone, I added extensions, I used a different colour for the base and another for the tips.

Suku ologede

Update I have been seeing my didi pictures around, with some people claiming it as theirs. I don’t mind sharing information hence opening my blog, but I want to be credited at least. Please reference my blog when using my picture(s).

I used didi adimole for this updo. This helps when you want to “pack” your natural hair and you want it laid.

Another updo with didi adimole. This time, each is smaller.
Didi Ologede – This hairstyle has one Ghana weaving, one didi ologede. So you can mix it with other styles.
Didi Ologede


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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