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Didi – A Yoruba Braiding Style

Didi is an ancient Yoruba braiding style which can be great as a protective hairstyle for natural hair. There are two types of didi, didi adimole also known as sleeping didi and didi ologede. I recently made the didi adimole and the hairstyle I chose for it is suku. Suku is a hairstyle where the hair is braided up. Suku looks like a braided bun or pineapple. So the hairstyle is basically suku didi adimole. Previously (last year) I made the other type – didi ologede, popularly known as suku ologede.

Didi adimole

The second set is that of suku ologede. It wasn’t made with my hair alone, I added extensions, I used a different colour for the base and another for the tips.

Suku ologede

Update I have been seeing my didi pictures around, with some people claiming it as theirs. I don’t mind sharing information hence opening my blog, but I want to be credited at least. Please reference my blog when using my picture(s).

I used didi adimole for this updo. This helps when you want to “pack” your natural hair and you want it laid.
Didi Adimole using “All back”/Cornrows
Another updo with didi adimole. This time, each is smaller.
Didi Ologede – This hairstyle has one Ghana weaving, one didi ologede. So you can mix it with other styles.
Didi Ologede


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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