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Kamsi – Episode 1

Before you start Episode One, please read the introduction to understand the characters better.

I have a job! After 5 months wait, I, the fabulous Kamsi Ani is on her way into the corporate world. On Friday afternoon I received a mail from a reputable TV station to be a news editor. I am to resume Wednesday morning and earn a nice salary at the end of the month. I know it is not my dream but it’s close, really close. I am so excited. I could not think of anything else, I even told Adora and Cheta when they came over on Sunday. That’s how happy I am.

The wait was excruciating. I made my hair, bought my first day in office clothes, practised how to conduct myself, searched for makeup suitable for the office. I would have gotten new glasses but the time was short to fix an appointment. Everyone, from daddy to Cheta talked about how important my first day is. I became the star.

I woke up as early as 4:00 am. I couldn’t sleep well, I kept waking up to check the time. By 4:00 am, I felt it was no use sleeping back. I was ready by 4:40 am but I had to wait till 5:30 am before leaving the house. I was elated. It rained the night before which is clearly a good sign. I could smell the wet ground, feel the positive energy coming from other people. I practically flew to the bus stop, boarded a bus, the conductor was nice, the passengers were all looking beautiful.

I arrived at my new working place super early, just some minutes after six. After waiting for almost two hours, I decided to go in. I thought the building was grand but I was being dazzled by the magnificence of the place. I walked to the receptionist, introduced myself and was directed to where I was expected. When I got there, I met two other ladies who barely noticed me. I sat down and decided to eavesdrop rather than join their conversation. A woman walked in and welcomed us in a very formal way. She looked so….. regal.

My redefining moment had come. I suddenly remembered Cheta’s teaching on sitting etiquette.
“I’m Dr Osahon.” The woman’s loud voice brought me back to reality. “I’m the chief editor and after looking through the numerous applications we selected the best two, who happen to be both ladies. I’m surprised I have three waiting.”

Oh! I understand why the two ladies were talking to each other, they know each other but I felt proud I came alone, it shows I’m mature enough for the job. “The two expected are Lynda Chika Nwabuike and Tolulope Andrews.”
I was shocked, I felt my blood draining. I was sent a mail, I am among the chosen two. I managed to stand and started rambling “I’m Kamsi Ani, I received a mail on Friday about my successful job application and I was asked to resume today and I have proof of the mail….. online proof. I mean I need to open my mailbox to show you. It’s not printed and I didn’t send it to my self.”

Dr Osahon looked at me for a while, she looked at the two ladies before talking. “Miss Ani, Give me five minutes to rectify this. Miss Andrews, Miss Nwabuike please follow me.”

As they went out, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she didn’t look at me, when she said she was going to rectify the problem. I opened the email and I sat down. I prayed a short prayer. This is going to be the longest five minutes of my life.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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