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Kamsi – Episode 4


“I can’t believe this!” Cheta banged the dining table. “I even called you, wasted my precious battery life on your stupidity. And you are here, pouring dust and telling me absolute rubbish”.

It’s Sunday. I used to love Sundays; looking very nice to Church, eating special Sunday delicacies. When my sisters moved out, I began to love other days too but my Sunday love stopped when they made Sunday their day of visitation. Cheta decided to live with Adora because she feels living with our parents at her age, would prevent men from wanting to court her and one of those men could be the potential husband. She and Adora are also very close. They sometimes make me feel like I was born to intrude on their closeness.

I told both of them what happened to my supposed job and Adora just said: “how sad”. It was Cheta who became angry and shouted. When we were younger, it was Cheta who would hit me, and Adora would pretend I was non-existent. No, my sisters didn’t play dress up with me. I will just say they had outgrown that stage when my mother gave them permission to paint me. As we ate, she continued fuming.

I was trying to block out Cheta’s rant when it hit Ryan’s forehead. We all panicked. Adora quickly carried him to console him. The spoon Cheta threw was supposed to hit me but it hit our only nephew instead.

My mother faced Cheta, “Are the nuts that are supposed to hold your brain together loosening?!”
“Mommy, it was meant for Kamsi.”
“Because of what? Do you think that she doesn’t…….”
Cheta cut in “Stop supporting her!! It’s not fair to us. Is it because I’m not married?”

Cheta always found a way to include her spinsterhood in everything. Before my mother would reply Adora talked, which is very unusual. “Cheta, it is not her fault.” When she saw that she had everyone’s attention, she continued “Since you are going to be travelling for your conference, Kamsi should come over. Maybe Nnamdi can help her with her job hunting.”
My mother was the first to recover, “Daalu.” she thanked Adora in Igbo “Let me take care of Kodili’s forehead.”
“Mommy, please you are confusing him, call him Ryan.”
“I can’t call my grandson a meaningless name.” She said it dismissively and carried Ryan away.

Cheta faced me “If you like, keep misbehaving and don’t get your shits together, ewu.” Only Cheta would call me a goat.
“Cheta, please excuse us”. Adora looked at her sternly.
“Am I not leaving? I’m going to my father’s room. Kamsi call me after the pep talk so I can clear the dining table and you can pack.” She smirked and bounced out.

“Adora, you don’t have to. I can stay here and work things out.” I didn’t want to be the family burden.
“Just give me the opportunity to be your big sister.” She put her hands on my shoulder. “I’m sure Nnamdi would love having you around. My husband is a nice man”.

I wanted to be happy, but a picture of Nnamdi popped up. He looks like an overgrown baby and talks like his mouth is full of saliva. After their wedding, I remember staying up and imagining them making love. I imagined lots of spits and dullness.

This is it, my joblessness has activated the sister love mood.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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