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Kamsi – Episode 5


Nnamdi arranged for me to meet with his friend, Kene an editor for Exquisite a lifestyle magazine. Nnamdi was exactly as I expected; uncomfortably close, trying too hard to be the good in-law, inventing lifeless stories and always drooling. It is a good thing that Cheta is still away for her conference so I can enjoy my stay. She and Nnamdi would have been too much.

I understand the power of nepotism, so I was not surprised that I got the job after no interview. When I visited Kene, he told me I was being employed as the personal assistant of the chief editor without any pretence of formality. I was elated, but I still felt worthless that Nnamdi had to pull strings to get a job for me.

I decided to call Stella, a friend I made during my youth service. Stella is a funny girl who was almost everybody’s friend. I missed her, I stayed off social media because of my jobless predicament. She picked on the first ring.

“Kamsi!! Looonngg time!!!” She dragged the long. “You just forgot about me.”
“No, I didn’t I was stressed trying to get a job. I have one at Exquisite.”
“Exquisite!!! Kamsi, you are enjoying o!! Big girl things. God will give me my own too, so I will enjoy.”
I felt uncomfortable with her last sentence, she made it seem like we were competing. “Haven’t you gotten a job?”
“Since after service in Owo, but I did not want to tell you because you didn’t have a job yet.”
“Oh, okay then. Take care.”
“Okay o, Exquisite girl. What is your position? This one you aren’t replying my big girl praise.”
I ignored her question and ended the call.
I didn’t have the desire to prepare for my new job. I resumed like an old staff, looking dull and forced to work. As I arrived at work, no one noticed me, so I went to my station, observing others. Although Kene had briefed me about my job, he did not tell me who I was working for. I had not even bother to get a copy of Exquisite. I was hoping to get a job I earned. I was looking at pictures of models, when an oddly dressed young woman walked to my table. I wanted to tell her that this part of the office was off limits to strangers and then she called my name.
“Miss Ani, I’m Miss Williams, the editor in chief. Do you mind if I call you Kamsi?”
I was shocked, I expected someone old, stiff and without life. I managed to mumble “I don’t mind.”
“Great! I’m Tinu. Come into my office.”
She assigned duties to me. By the end of the day, I got to know Tinu is free spirited, jovial, nice but principled and hard working. I started developing interest in my job. She was enough motivation. I decided to read previous copies and get acquainted with the magazine. I was exhausted by the time I was leaving for Adora’s house and was trying to call my mother when I saw him.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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