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Kamsi – Episode 6

I removed my glasses, wiped it and wore it back, he was still standing there and he was staring back at me. In my head, he was singing Lionel Richie’s Angel but he just smiled, waved and walked away. I got my senses back and called my mother before taking a bus.

I was upset he didn’t talk to me. But I consoled myself with the fact that he could have been a kidnapper, or thief, or rapist. I should thank God instead that I was spared. It’s not legal for a man to be that cute and arresting. I went to pick Ryan from school before heading home.

Nnamdi was the only one at home and had managed to burn a pot of noodles. When I got in he started apologizing and almost cried. I had to reassure him that all was well. I felt like I was dealing with Ryan’s younger brother. After clearing his mess, he started acting fatherly and asking me the same questions about work. I almost died, I can’t keep up with him. My duration of gratefulness and indebtedness to him was running out.

On my way to work the next day, I got some old copies of Exquisite. When I got to the office, I saw gifts on my desk and was still trying to make meaning out of them when Tinu danced out from her office. She walks like a ballerina.

“We officially welcome new staff with a little something. During the lunch break, you will meet the rest of the staff and find out who got you gifts.” She sings her words.
I was overwhelmed. I managed to mutter “thanks”.

During the lunch break, I met the other staff members of Exquisite. There were people who had worked there for years. It was more like a very big family. Mr Ojo, a man with a big tummy and loud laugh took it upon himself to introduce me to everyone and asked the person if he or she got me a welcome package. A man replied that he would have if it was added to his salary but all in all, it was nice.

I was almost at the bus stop when a car pulled up beside me. I continued walking but when it continued to tail me, I looked at the driver. It was the cute kidnapper. I stopped and starred.

“Good evening.” He has a wonderful voice. “May I drop you at your destination.”
“Oh. Hmm. I’m fine thank you.” That was home training talking. I have never entered a stranger’s car. He insisted and something about his smile made me say yes.

“Thank you ma’am”, he said when I got in.
“I should be thanking you for offering to relieve me.”
“That’s fine. I ‘m Tega. Oghenetega Etameta.”
“I’m Kamsi.”
“The name is not very common, wanted to be sure. So where are you going to?”
“I’m going to get my nephew from school, his school is in Yaba. I will give you directions to the school when we get there.

He smiled and started driving. I did not know what else to say. Dear heavens, why did I enter a stranger’s car. I’m going to die and be in a newspaper tomorrow.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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