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Kamsi – Episode 9


Things happened too quickly. My father burial was planned. We had to go bury him in the village because that was what he requested in his will. I starred at the plain black dress I was going to wear for his burial. It was dull, a proper funeral dress if there was anything like that. Tears didn’t come out anymore when I cried. I started losing touch of everything, I began to just exist. I missed my father more than I appreciated his presence when he was alive.

Lots of people came, some faked tears, some could not even fake sympathy but for those who loved him their grief was felt. Tega was with me, not because of my father but for the way I was slipping away.

After the burial, Aunty Oby came to the house with a little boy. She bounced in, looking happy and didn’t acknowledge our presence. We wanted to ignore her until she told him to sit, that he was in his father’s house. That was when I looked at him closely and realised he looked a lot like my father.
“Whose son?” Cheta asked in anger.
“My brother’s son of course. You think I would have allowed my only brother to die without a son? When I wanted to help your mother, did she answer me?”
“We. Are. His. Legitimate Children.”
“Can you really compare three girls to a son, that will carry the family’s lineage.” Aunty Oby stood up as she said it, putting her hands on her hips.
“Oby, you have proved your point. You may leave.” My mother said it quietly, I almost did not hear her.
Aunty Oby took the boy, with a triumphant look she said “He who laughs last, laughs best.”
I was angry, I never thought of my father as one who will have cause to cheat on my mother.
“I knew. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you girls earlier. We were waiting for the right time and after his death, I couldn’t think of anything else.”
“You found out?” Cheta sounded shocked.
“No, he told me. Willingly because he loved me and loved you girls too. Please?”
It was Adora who broke the silence after her plea. “Mommy, we had a right to know! What happens to the boy? I am trying to wrap my head around this.”
“He loves us”. I said sarcastically and laughed bitterly before walking out.
I couldn’t think straight, I dialed Tega’s number. He had to rush back to Lagos immediately after the burial because of work.
“Hello.” He sounded pleased to hear my call.
“Tega, I can’t do this.”
“It’s okay, talk to me. What is the problem this time?”
“I have to put an end to us, a man I loved and trusted all my life betrayed me.”
I cut the call, I didn’t feel better. I felt destroyed. I cried and tears although little finally came. I wished I had killed my father, he had broken all that he represented to me.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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