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Kamsi – Episode 10


It’s been six months since my father died and I found that he has a son from another woman. I broke up with Tega, a man who made me laugh and smile till my cheeks hurt; a man I love. I had to cut my hair. Although custom demands it, I needed to cut off what my father loved because he betrayed me and what Tega loved because I had shattered our bliss. It was a cleansing ritual of some sorts for me. It was growing back my hair. I was doing well at work. I was trying to be happy, I was almost happy. We have not even heard from Aunty Oby and our supposed brother.

I was typing an article when Tinu came to my desk. She waved a card and opened it.
“You, my dear girl is invited to the company’s official Christmas party!”
She tossed the card to me and I opened it.
“I can’t make it.”
“Kamsi, you are beginning to annoy me. I am tired of you secluding yourself.”
“You need help, you need to stop deceiving yourself and stop playing the victim. You are hurting people around you. I had to break through your walls to become your friend. Do you know Tega was here last week?”
“Is not going for the party an issue?”
“No, the issue is you. Kamsi, I’m trying to understand what is wrong but I can’t. I love you, and I want you to be happy. She dropped the card and walked away.

When I got back home, Cheta was making dinner. She moved back to the house after our father’s burial. We even became more like sisters, although I can’t remember how it started. It took me twenty-two years to know that Cheta is funny. She hugged me when she saw me. I left her and checked my mother’s room. She was sleeping. Something about what Tinu said about Tega looking for me made me call him. He didn’t pick, I called him again and he picked the call on the first ring.
“Kamsi?” He sounded shocked and relieved
“I love you.” I did not know what to say.
“Where are you?”
“I’m home.”
“Can I please come over?”
“Sure, I’ll be waiting.”
He came forty minutes later, I missed him. Cheta was exhilarated I called him. He hugged me immediately he saw me.
“You said you love me.”
“Yes, Tega and I’m sorry.”
“You don’t need to be, I’m glad you still love me. Do you want us back?”
“Yes!! absolutely!
We went to the beach, one of my favourite places. I laughed so loud, I played and shouted and jumped. I was happy, all was well with the world.

It was obvious I was happy when I got to the office the next day. Tinu was dancing around me trying to know what the reason was but I kept her in the dark. I still refused to go for the party, because I hardly knew anyone else apart from Tinu and Kene, Nnamdi’s friend who helped me got in. I wanted my Christmas Eve to be with my family. Last night, Cheta and I talked late into the night talking about our Christmas plans. We wanted more laughter and joy in the house. We wanted happiness and we were getting it already.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “Kamsi – Episode 10

  1. Wow!!! I didn't realize that I just read 10 episodes… very interesting. Almost cried when she lost her dad. Nice one!!


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