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Of Dreams & Colours – Episode 2

Nifemi was seven when she told bami to stop escorting her to school. She saw other children, walking in pairs or with their mothers. At first, bami didn’t agree but he relunctantly did later when Nifemi brought Tolani and Nike home saying she would go with them to school. Now, Tolani was in jss one. She was in secondary school, she is older than Nifemi and Nike. She looked so polished and she told them incredible stories about being in secondary school. During the weekends, Nifemi gave her assignment to her to help because of the superior way in which she answered them. On their way to school, Nifemi nursed a longing to follow her every time she took the turning that led to her school.

When the ache and longing became unbearable, she went to view the secondary school during her break period but she was not allowed in and was punished when she got back to her school for not returning to class when the break period was over. Although she had resolved to go after school hours, it meant she won’t see it in all it’s glory sprawling with polished students and well dressed teachers.
As her teacher flogged her for not doing her assignment, she didn’t feel the pain. She had even coated her palms with sand to subsidize the pain. She thought of her chance of going to secondary school slipping away because the teacher kept shouting “olodo” and her classmates were chanting a song in favour of the name. She knew she didn’t have a goldfish’s memory because she knew the assignment but she didn’t say anything and she went back to her seat.
“Sorry, the assignment was too hard. My brother helped me with mine.” Olumide the boy who sat behind her in her whispered as she sat down. “You can come to my house if you want and my mommy will prepare beans and plantain.”
“The assignment was simple.”
“Why did you not write it out then?”
“I will come to your house after school but I have to ask bami first.” She didn’t know how to explain to him or any one else her ordeal. But she was going to go to Olumide’s house anyway, his mother is a good cook and she needed good food.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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