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Of Dreams & Colours – Episode 3


Bami gave Nifemi the permission to go to Olumide’s house especially because of the food his mother was preparing. Neither she nor bami could cook well, so she was delighted. However, when Olumide’s mother asked her if she wanted to eat, she said no until she was persuaded so as to not seem as if she wanted it.

When Olumide’s brother Ade started teaching Nifemi she realized he was not as smart as Tolani and maybe not all secondary school students were smart. However, she kept coming to Olumide’s house because she was sure of a palatable lunch. Over time, going to Olumide’s house became more than a meal ticket. They played football and gossiped together. They even made Ade the butt of their jokes by asking him ambiguous questions. To prevent Nifemi from being labelled a dullard, Olumide would help her write her assignments after they have both found the solution. In school, after writing his notes they would quickly switch so he will help her.

One day, their class teacher conducted a test and they were not given the opportunity to switch their script and Nifemi couldn’t write anything out. The little she managed to scribble was barely legible. While marking the script, the teacher called her.
“Nifemi, I thought you were improving.”
“I am.”
“Then what is this? Can you read it?” The teacher sighed and folded the paper. “You will retake the test if you don’t want me to show your classmates the rubbish you wrote. Bring your seat, so you can write in front of me.”
After some time had passed, Nifemi started fidgeting. She couldn’t write anything. She stayed there until her teacher called her.
“Are you done?”
“Pass it to me.” The teacher looked at it and banged the table. “Do you want to kill me, how can you not know how to write in primary five! She brought out one of Nifemi’s notebook. “Are you not the one who wrote this? So write………. ”
“No, I didn’t.”
“Then who did?”
The teacher ran her hands through her hair. “I’m going to punish the both of you now. After school, we will go and see your father.”
Nifemi was scared, she didn’t want bami to be disappointed or angry. She wished she could rectify everything before then. She really wished.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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