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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 4

Nifemi’s house was the kind of house that managed to scream poverty even in a remote area. It was unkempt especially now Nifemi chose to spend her free time playing with Olumide. This was the second day the teacher had followed her home, bringing Olumide along to wait for her father. When her father got back yesterday she didn’t bother to tell him the teacher came.

The teacher scratched her head, smacking it hard and continued murmuring. Olumide sat solemnly, drawing circles with his feet. Nifemi wasn’t scared of bami punishing her. She just didn’t want to disappoint him. They continued sitting that way for thirty minutes, stealing awkward glances and the only noise was that of the teacher smacking her head until bami opened the door.

“Finally!” The teacher announced with glee.
Bami was surprised and looked at Nifemi questioningly.
“Ekabo.” The children welcomed him.
“Mr……. um. Nifemi’s dad?”
“I have something important to tell you about your daughter.”
“Say it.” bami sat in the closest seat to the door and removed his cap.
The teacher shifted uncomfortably because bami kept replying her English with Yoruba. She told him how bad she wrote, how she has slaved and tried her best for her and the recent scenario involving Olumide.

“What is the solution?”
“I came to meet you, hoping you will proffer one.”
“Po ro fe?” Bami was confused.
“Offer. Give.”
“Ah. Apart from writing, is there any other problem?” He continued his replies in Yoruba.
“No, she is a very excellent student which I guess is the reason for her promotion all these time. I believe fear is a major reason, although I believe her writing skills were not properly groomed.

Nifemi knew bami was trying really hard to grasp what her teacher was saying. She wanted to put lighted candle against her orange painted lips because she knew her teacher could speak Yoruba and save bami the stress. But at least, he was not like Tolani and Nike’s mother who pretended like she could understand anything, smiling and nodding then asking her children to translate later.

“Thank you, for taking your time to inform me. I will try to find a solution.”
“It’s no bother. Even after waiting for a long time yesterday, I just had to come. Nifemi is too bright to be lost over handwriting.”
“So you came yesterday.” Bami turned to look at Nifemi sternly. “I must have forgotten.”
“That will be all, I best be going.”
“Forgive me for not offering you anything earlier, wait let me get something.”
Bami came back with a chicken and tried giving it to the teacher. She screamed and jumped on the seat.
“What is it?”
“I’m simply not an animal person.” The children giggled. Nifemi was happy that with all her long sentences and words like proffer. A mere chicken scared her.
“I’m sorry, please don’t be angry. I really appreciate you coming to inform me.”
“Of course, I best be going.”
When bami turned to look at Nifemi, she could tell he was hurt and greatly disappointed.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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