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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 5

Bami sent Olumide home, he was just trying to help his friend in the way he thought was best. He only gave him a little warning. Nifemi’s head was bent, she looked so much like Abike. Was this how Abike started, avoiding the truth before finding the courage to do it. He would take her to the priest. He was sure it was the circumstances surrounding her birth and the way he left. He could not tell that to the teacher. Most of these educated people look down on traditional worship.

Nifemi followed bami to the shrine as he requested. She was expecting a severe punishment so she was elated when bami suggested going to the priest instead. After the priest said bami discussed in secret for long, the priest came out and gave her a blue wrapper to tie and killed a chicken so she could soak her hands in it. It nauseated her and the shrine look frightening but she only endured it to please bami.

Theirs was a small village and people got to know about it. It became a general problem and different stories circulated. “Who knows her mother?” “She is cursed” “She is internally deformed”. The sacrifices continued with the sacrifices getting bigger and her problem remaining the same.

Nifemi became depressed and to repeat the class. She got worse as anxiety overtook her anytime she tried. Her friends tried to help her but she resisted their help.
One day, her teacher came to her desk to meet her as she was trying to write. She didn’t summon her as usual.
“I spoke to my sister’s friend about you. She strongly believes yours is a psychological problem. She promises to come over to give a proper diagnosis. All these rituals you have had to perform. I find it…….. very uncomfortable.”
Nifemi was choked with emotions, someone strongly believes she is not cursed. She was already impatient expecting her arrival.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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