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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 6

“She has dysgraphia.”
“What?! I don’t understand.”
“It’s a condition where someone who is considered normal intellectually, has difficulty writing although in some cases not all, it affects intellectual ability.”
Nifemi’s teacher grabbed her chest. “How expensive is the cure?”
“There is none. However……. ”
“What caused it?!”
“There is no known cause. Probably someone in her family was or is suffering from it. Just calm down. Once we meet her parents we can find a way to work around it.”
The teacher whispered in the doctor’s ear. The doctor looked at Nifemi and sighed.

Dysgraphia. That was what was wrong with her. Although she didn’t understand what it meant, bami will see there was no need for the rituals and they will use their little money for more important needs. She took the doctor to bami, only that she said she was a psychologist, not a doctor. She told bami how he would help her to improve. Somehow, she had given up. She wanted to do something that does not involve writing.

Bami agreed to follow the advice of the psychologist. Nifemi wanted to share her good news. Since Nike and Tolani’s house was closer than Olumide’s house, she decided to go there instead. When she got to the compound, she did not see anyone, so she walked towards the backyard to check if they were there. That was when she heard their mother. “The story shocked me too, but I believe Mama Ade won’t lie to me. I don’t want to see you children near Nifemi. I did not birth to children that will attach themselves to bastards. When you see her on your way to school avoid her. After all, she was going to school before you started going together. If you disobey me and near her. I will use my hands to kill any of you that goes close to her. I brought you into this world, taking you back is no problem.”
When she stopped talking, Nifemi walked into view. Nike and Tolani just stared at her. That was when the mother turned. “God forbid evil!” She placed her hands on her head, then picked up a broom using to sweep towards Nifemi. “Go o! Leave my children alone.”

Nifemi ran and continued running until she was tired. She flung herself on the ground. Tears would not come. She knew Nike and Tolani’s mother was not referring to her writing problem because she didn’t mind it. She wondered what she heard that could have caused her behaviour.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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