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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 7


Nifemi avoided Nike and Tolani. She didn’t want their mother to do anything to them on her account, although she could not stop worrying over the things she overheard their mother saying. She moved around with Olumide instead.

Bami agreed to accept the help of her teacher and the psychologist and was convinced when Nifemi showed signs of improvement, even if they were slower paced. Nifemi was happy, her teacher told her if she continued like that, she will be able to get admission into a secondary school.

Few days after the incident at Nike and Tolani’s house, Olumide’s mother sent her and Olumide to buy pepper from the market. The woman they wanted to buy from initially did not reply and Nifemi assumed she didn’t hear so she repeated herself.
“What is it?! I’m not selling to you.”
Nifemi stood there confused. “Did I do anything wrong, ma?”
“Yes o!” She clapped her hands. “And you are even here with a boy, at your age!” She hissed. “Like mother, like daughter.”
“But you don’t know my mother.”
“See, nothing is hidden under the sun. Your prostitute of a mother after sleeping with different men and got pregnant she dumped you with a strange man. I have always said that you are not normal. Now you can see that you are a bastard.”

Nifemi sat in front of the house waiting for her father. She knew the woman at the marketplace was lying she only needed bami to confirm it. She didn’t hear him walk inside the compound.
“My child, why are playing alone? Where is your friend Olumide?”
“Bami, are you really my father?”


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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