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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 9


As much as bami wanted to stay behind, he wanted the best for his daughter. He chose her safety over her academics. He was surprised Ade was able to find him after almost ten years.

Abike was a woman he loved dearly but it was common knowledge that she slept around at that time. He delayed his marriage to her hoping that she would change and come to acknowledge his love for her but she got pregnant for Ade instead and died while giving birth to Nifemi. He took Nifemi because of his love for Abike and he knew Ade was anything but a father.

Nifemi thought about what she heard last night but she didn’t ask bami because she was afraid he would lie to her again. She wasn’t even sure Abike was her mother. The only guarantee was the resemblance. It was something she had to find out herself. She needed to know who she was.
When bami woke her up and said they were going to visit a distant relation, she knew he had made up his mind to escape with the help of his friend. Although a part of her wanted to see her biological father and know the kind of person he is. She worried about her academics, she knew she will have to start a new school and the teacher might not know how to deal with dysgraphia.
As they got close to the mango tree with as many things they could pack, they saw bami’s friend standing with a torch. He saw them and came to meet them.
“I’m glad you made the right decision.”
Bami coughed and looked at Nifemi.
“Ha.” He looked at Nifemi. “So much of her mother. I will lead the way then.
As they were following bami’s friend, some men suddenly came out from the bushes. Bami’s friend stopped and one of the men gave him a parcel.
“Thank you for leading them to us.” He looked at bami. “Yemi, we have come to take Ade’s child and you too.”
Bami shouted at his friend, “How can you betray me?! Is this how you repay kindness?! He grabbed Nifemi’s hand and dropped the load he was carrying. “Run!”


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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