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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 10


They were caught before they ran for long. Bami tried to fight them off but he was no match for six hefty men. He was easily overpowered and they were blindfolded, gagged and had their hands tied.

As they continued their journey, Nifemi noticed that although the men were a bit gentle with her, they mistreated bami and hit him occasionally. She cringed anytime she heard them hitting him.

After walking for so long, they got to their destination. They stopped and were asked to sit. Nifemi heard people murmuring around her but she couldn’t quite figure out what they were saying. Someone came to remove the blindfolds and the cloth the men used in gagging both she and bami.

The six men had reduced to four and there was a man sitting on a bench in front of them.
“She is Abike’s reincarnation.” He looked at bami. “We meet again, the last time we met, you were threatening me over Abike and we meet again because of her daughter. You have caused me pain, you took my daughter away from me and when I suddenly have the need for her, I had to suffer to get her.”
“You rejected her at birth.”
“And you kept her. Because of Abike? A woman who didn’t love you.”
“She did! If only you haven’t forced her……. ”
“To do what? Abike needed more than just one man. You have caused me pain and made me waste my time and money. Although I will release the girl after her usefulness expires, you will have to die Yemi.”
Nifemi shouted and Ade slapped her.
“Don’t slap my daughter!”
Ade laughed and some of the men joined in his humourless laughter. He signalled and a man gagged bami.
“It is my blood that flows in her veins. Keeping her for long doesn’t change that. And that’s the reason I haven’t killed you yet.” He stood and said to the men. “Take each to their assigned place”.

Nifemi was taken to an empty, dusty room with a high window. She wished she had run faster, told Olumide goodbye. She wondered when she could go back to school before her teacher gets angry. Ade opened the door and stood at the entrance. He looked at her scornfully before speaking.
“If only you didn’t look so much like your mother, Abike. I might have kept you. It was something I considered before seeing you.” After talking he spat towards her and left.
That was when the reality of her predicament dawned on her. Her supposed father didn’t want her, he only wants to use her and he intends killing the only father that loves her.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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