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Of Dreams And Colours – Episode 11

Nifemi was sleeping on a mat in the room where she was locked in by her father, the biological one. After crying and banging on the door, she slept after being exhausted.

A woman woke her up gently. When she woke up and saw the woman, she was startled and tried to shout but the woman silenced her by clamping her mouth.
“Shhh. Please remain silent. I want to help you.”
Nifemi didn’t know if she could trust her but she desperately wanted to escape. They left the room, entered another room and escaped through the window of that room. Nifemi sprained herself while jumping down but she didn’t mind. She remained silent until they left the compound. Somehow she expected bami to be waiting for her at some point.

The woman stopped.
“I owe your mother. I did this to hopefully repay my debt. She helped to save my son’s life when I had no money for medication. I don’t know what Ade was planning to do with you but I’m sure it wasn’t good or he would have openly presented you to his family. I need you to escape.”
“Where is bami?”
“Yemi? I can only help you. He is being guarded and I can’t fight.”
“How will I escape and survive without bami?”
The woman bent and looked at Nifemi.
“Abike, I know you are inside this body. I also know what I have done is not enough but please help your daughter survive.” She stood up “Your mother will help you. I must go before my absence is noticed.”

Nifemi continued walking because she was blindfolded while she was taken to her father, she couldn’t find her way back. But she continued walking because she didn’t want to be caught. Her world was dark, she only fought for the next day. She had no dreams whatsoever. She left all the colours in her life at her father’s house.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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