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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 13

As much as Nifemi wanted to help rescue bami, she couldn’t because of the vague details she had. The woman who helped her in the market became her foster mother. She helped both Nifemi and her son secure a good education despite Nifemi’s problem with dysgraphia.

Nifemi became a teacher and a developmental psychologist so she could help children with dysgraphia. Although she still hoped to see bami, her determination to see him diminished over the years.

She reconnected with Olumide, at her chance meeting at a seminar for educating people about dysgraphia. They continued their friendship and filled up the spaces felt blank over the years.

One pleasant evening, while Nifemi was making lesson notes, someone came to visit. He looked old but strong for his age. He brightened up when he saw, he was bami.
“My daughter!”
They and wept and said so many at the same time.
“When someone told me there is a school for children who could not write well and with other problems, I knew it had to be you.”
“I thought Ade killed you.”
“He would have but someone told his dying father how he kidnapped us and he was forced to release me. He did that because his father wanted to see you. He told me you died.”
“I escaped, with the help of a woman.”
“I know he couldn’t have killed you.”
They exchanged stories of survival into the night. She took bami to the house of her foster family. Olumide came to see him also. Although she mourned the years he was absent from her life, she was glad they finally found each other. Her dreams began having more colours.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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