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Natural Hair Meet Up – NITC 14

imageImage via Natural Nigerian
Image via Natural Nigerian

I attended my first NITC natural hair meet up. It was fun, educative and I had the opportunity of meeting Ekene of TheKinkAndI, Dr Savage of Special Me and Uzoma of Don’t Touch Hair. It was hosted by Natural Nigerian and TheKinkAndI, and it held at Neo Cafe in Victoria Island, Lagos. It started with an interactive session headed by Dr Savage, Ekene, Luchi Madubuike and Dabs before the talks started.

Konyinsola Vera Cruz talked about the 7 Hs for hair.
Hereditary – which plays a major role in hair texture and type.
Hunger – proper and adequate nutrients from food are needed for our hair to grow and be healthy.
Health – health status also affects our hair.
Healing – medication can tamper with our hair
Hormones – plays a major role in hair growth.
Hassel – stress can be detrimental to our hair health and length.
Hairdressing – some styles are dangerous for the hair.

Banke Claude-Wilcox talked about how urbanization, globalization is affecting our lifestyle choices and contributing to weight gain. She also mentioned that despite starvation in Africa, more people are becoming obese because of wrong food choice. She mentioned 3 common mistakes of losing weight.
Fad diets – cutting down on our diet signals to the brain that we are starving and it slows its metabolism rate. When we start eating normally, it takes the brain a while to adjust back to the way it metabolizes our food, so we end up gaining more weight in the long run.
Skipping breakfast – causes the body to demand more for calories compared to when you have breakfast early.
Exercising without changing bad eating habits makes you lose little or no weight.
She also talked about low, medium and high-intensity exercise and a plateau the body reaches, a period when exercise is not effective in weight loss anymore.

Ezenwa Onwugbenu also talked about what to eat and what to eat, funded scientific reports that promote nutritional lies.

imageMe at the event, that’s Ezenwa behind me
Me at the event, that's Ezenwa behind me


imageThe Panel
The Panel


imageSpot me talking to Dr Savage. Image via Natural Nigerian
Spot me talking to Dr Savage. Image via Natural Nigerian


imageKonyinsola Vera Cruz talking
Konyinsola Vera Cruz talking


imageBanke Claude-Wilcox talking
Banke Claude-Wilcox talking


imageSomeone won a microwave!
Someone won a microwave!


imagePeople at the event
People at the event


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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