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Introverted Extrovert

We all know what introvert and extrovert mean and most will agree they are distinct opposites of each other. According to psychology (Carl Jung), extroverts are gregarious, assertive, enthusiastic while introverts are reserved, reflective. Both traits, however, are not mutually exclusive but are a continuous single personality trait, meaning not everyone falls into the two distinct ends. Those who are in the middle are called ambivert.

I happen to be one of them and referred to myself as an introverted extrovert for a long time. I’m an introvert because I love staying alone, reflecting, reading, my idea of fun is writing or drawing or watching cartoons. I don’t like noise, and I have very few friends. I’m an extrovert because I love meeting people, travelling, getting involved in social activities and I have lots of “friends” that I could hang out with.

imageImage via Personality CentralImage via Personality Central
Image via Personality Central

Generally, extroverts prefer meeting people, interaction and interfacing with the world around them, while introverts need time to live in their inner world, meaning time for personal reflection, meditation or just simply solitude.

Recently, mostly because I’m taking a course in personality this semester and did a little research, I discovered that I’m actually ambivert not “introverted extrovert”. The thought that it was two distinct ends bothered me because I couldn’t fit fully into any of the two, when I was much younger I would occasionally switch when asked. Until I came up with “introverted extrovert”. Yes, there are people in the middle, who somehow strike a balance between the two. So when people try to say I’m either an introvert or extrovert, I will just take a bit of my afro, stretch it downwards, roll the tip and say “I’m ambivert ;)”.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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