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Maintaining Healthy Eating Habits In Nigeria

2016 - 1

So, it has been a year our president has been elected into office and six months since food prices started increasing, especially tomatoes. I miss tomatoes, guys. I love tomatoes, I used to eat tomatoes without caution. In fact, it was formerly part of my skincare but I haven’t eaten tomatoes since April talk less about applying of applying to my face. 😢

Almost everything is double the price and if you are trying to eat healthy the price might be a bit scary because ironically our fresh foods are more expensive than canned foods. Sometimes I just want to give up but then I think of how I want to be healthy and fabulous at 60 (and much older than that) so I stick with what is good.

•For stews, I substitute tomatoes with cucumbers or dried pepper.

•Luckily onion is still very affordable, I make onion sauce and take lots of it.

•Instead of buying that fast food, I buy a fruit or vegetable of the same price.

•Although the prices of most vegetables have increased, that of bitter leaves is relatively the same, you can read about the benefits here.

•This is the time to finally say goodbye to things you eat that are harmful to your health and add the money up to get healthy foods.

•Run to the local foods eg local rice is cheaper and healthier than the imported one.

If you have more suggestions or tips, please drop a comment.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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