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A Professional Look With Natural Hair

You know the old argument, how unkempt looking the natural hair is, how unprofessional, how it should not be rocked to the working place in its full glory. So I and my friend decided to put this little theory to test.

We dressed up, the way we felt a professional would and I sent the pictures to a few people asking if the hairstyle was appropriate and I got mostly positive response. Which was a bit shocking because of the way some employers frown at natural hair. So what is the problem really? Is it the way an Afro claims it space and defies gravity that makes it “unprofessional” or women, in general, should have a particular hairstyle to work?

Anyway, I personally find the Afro very professional, very good – everything and I have pictures to prove!



I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

2 thoughts on “A Professional Look With Natural Hair

  1. You and your friend look good 🙂

    I used to wear my afro a lot, until after NYSC.

    Not that I started to hide my hair, but I felt compelled to style it. Put it in a puff, do something to show it’s not just “free”.

    I feel like if you work in a conservative or formal environment, it is no longer convenient to wear your afro to work after it exceeds your friend’s length. Less convenient for you (in the morning, and maintenance at night) and more distracting in the workspace. A big afro is a great statement accessory, which isn’t always welcome in a formal work place.


    1. Sorry for the late reply and thanks. I love the statement my Afro makes. It’s the maintenance that kills me. I have learnt that with my hair length if I “wash and go” for a week, it’s like inviting the devil for dinner. So most times I have to style my hair. However I would like to think that I can rock my afro when I can in a formal setting.


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