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Africanism Today – Maiden Edition

For a while now, I have been extra busy planning Africanism Today a yearly event that is intended to promote African arts and culture. It will focus on, promote and celebrate different aspects of African culture.

The maiden edition held yesterday 29th July 2016. There were five invited speakers and I who introduced what Africanism Today is about. There were also giveaways and African art exhibition.

Some speakers at the event


Some winners at the event

Me introducing Africanism Today

I introduced the purpose of the event and what we hope to achieve with the maiden and subsequent editions, which is making our culture a part of our daily lives, embracing it fully, not the trendy parts, the seemingly exotic ones. Celebrating and exporting our culture and arts to the world instead of neglecting it and living that we subconsciously feel is superior.

Me at the event


Iyinoluwa at the event

The first speaker out of the four was Iyinoluwa Adunade, a 400 level creative arts student of the University of Lagos. She spoke on reasons to go natural and why it is not a trend.

Oge of Coily Head of Hair at the event

The second speaker was Ogechi Oguike of coily head of hair. She talked about the beauty of natural hair, styling it and how it is beautiful and professional enough despite stereotypes.


The third was OyinDivine, a natural hair stylist who practicalised taking care of natural hair with African hairstyles. There was also a video display of African hairstyles.

OyinDivine during the practical display


Ekene of The Kink And I

The fourth speaker was Ekene of the kink and I. She talked about hair health over length, the moisture and protein balance for healthy hair, trimming to avoid split ends, hair conditioning, shampooing, hair types, protective styling. She also had a question and answer session for answering questions on hair goals.

Ekene of The Kink And I at the event


Nafisat of Coily Head of Hair at the event.

The final speaker was Nafisat Olayemi of coily head of hair. She spoke about maintaining natural hair on a budget without having to unnecessarily spend a large amount of money on foreign products when there are good African products. She also talked about owning your nature journey instead following a rigid set of online rules.

It was a full house!


Product stand during the “shop session”


Some of the attendees!

To join the conversation, follow and for more on the maiden edition, visit the event page and watch the event video


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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