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What Causes Rape – 1

“Shalewa, what causes rape?”

“Victim’s dressing, beauty, sexual appeal, drunken state, hairstyle, body signal. When the victim stays out late, goes to visit a stranger, parties with the opposite sex. In fact, rape will be prevented if girls are moral.”

A round of applause for Shalewa, who represents our dear society that consistently sites the above reasons for rape either assertively or subliminally.

Look at Sochi, who got raped at six and Shalewa will like to point out how it is Sochi’s fault and her mother’s. You see, Sochi was showing him her doll instead of playing with her mates and her mom wore a little dress for her. Of all items of clothing! She should have worn something that was less revealing of Sochi’s underaged legs like a sleepsuit or better still find iron panties to protect her underdeveloped vagina.

Mostly blame game revolves around the victim. Imagine walking into a Nigerian police station to report rape. The first question you are asked “What were you wearing?” followed up by “What were you doing with him?” Despite how it has been proven that rape has little or nothing to do with the victim or the victim’s dressing.

What Actually Causes Rape

  4. POWER

The rapist/perpetrator takes 100% of the blame. All the above “reasons” by Shalewa are not justifiable reasons as to why a person will decide to defile someone, strip them of their humanity, forcefully steal not just from the victim’s body but from the soul as well.

Even if the victim is naked, drunk, has had sex before. If she or he says no, then you have absolutely no right or reason to go on.

If a thief steals something from you, you don’t blame yourself. You don’t say “I want to be poor so I’m not robbed” or if a person is murdered in cold blood, we blame the murderer.

Rape = Murder

A victim loses not just their virginity (for some), dignity, self-esteem but an irreplaceable part of the soul is stolen and killed.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

3 thoughts on “What Causes Rape – 1

  1. Unfortunately, what we read in the news every day isn’t encouraging. We see rape cases reported every day (especially of the minor) and the victims hardly get justice.
    It’s a very sad situation.


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