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Body Hair Shaming

The socks were too comfy to be removed

I used to think little of body hair, I never thought of it. It was just something I am accustomed to as being part of me without having to question it. I also appreciated whenever it’s cold because according to my Biology teacher in secondary school, body hair protects you from the cold by helping to retain heat. For some reason, most Igbo people are very hairy so people look at my legs or hands and say “You are Igbo, right?”. It’s like my Igbo trademark.

My hands, legs and eyebrows are the only part of my body I’ve never shaved because I find it very unnecessary to do so. It even took me a while to know that body waxing and shaving was a thing. I thought it was only for armpits and the genital area.

So an acquaintance was going through my gallery and stopped at a close up picture and said: “You look really fine here, your body hair didn’t show”. I was too numb to reply because I had never thought that my body hair was something that made me less.

Then the eyebrows. I if have a cent, not a dollar but a cent for every time I have been encouraged to shave my eyebrows to look more appealing I will be able to afford a private Island, yachts and private jets.

The world already has lots of problems without having to add the problem of people making other people feel less about their bodies. And we wonder why body dysmorphic disorder is a thing. I won’t go into details about how much I love my body and hair because I obviously do.

If you are hairy and want to keep it, fine. If you want to shave it, fine also. Just don’t be among those who police or shame people about their own bodies.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

5 thoughts on “Body Hair Shaming

  1. Yesss girl! Embrace it. I grew out my armpit hairs a few months back and really loved it, the freedom and how it looked. Only to be criticised by everyone and told it looked disgusting that it needed to go. I was gutted that they shamed me back to shaving again. People should get the full say in what they want to look like, not for it to be pushed around by others

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    1. Exactly. I’m tired of how people feel it’s their life’s mission to body shame people. There was a time I was made to feel so bad about my body hair and how it pushes guys away. And sometimes I would be scared of raising my arms up if I didn’t shave.
      But now, I don’t care. I understand it’s my body, my space and it’s unique to me. Also I do not share it with body shamers. I just needed to write the post so that girls like me know they are not alone and body hair rocks.

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