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Becoming A Minimalist 

Personally, minimalism for me is being able to live free from expectations, pressure and worry. I don’t have to impress anyone with what I get, have or be pressured into buying something I absolutely do not need. It doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on nice things, but truly appreciating and enjoying life more especially the ordinary days and in simple ways.

As I clocked 22, one of my new year’s resolution (my new year starts on my birthday, not January 1st) was to be clutter free, let go of things I do not need, that is – being a minimalist. And to me, that transcends beyond materials things. I decided to let go of things I didn’t need and things that hindered my personal growth. I want to enjoy life more, appreciate each moment and not get caught up in the fast pace of our time.

However before I made the conscious decision to be a minimalist, I was already practising it but too scared to give myself the label. I hate labels especially how people misinterpret them, but I decided to accept it and who I was becoming to help my journey.

When I became natural, I, unfortunately, became a product junkie along the line. I would jump on any “good” product. I bought everything and anything I could afford because……. the length struggle is real y’all! However, at the end of the day not only did my hair suffer but I ended up occupying space with things that were absolutely irrelevant.

The turning point was getting rid of clothes I didn’t use anymore. I term it that because at first, the thought of having fewer clothes bothered me. I felt if I have worn it once, I will definitely wear it again and the feeling of having a full wardrobe was not something I was so willing to let go of. Of course, my mom thought I was crazy and tried making me hold on to the more expensive ones but I knew I needed to let go. I’m more interested in getting something because of the value it has to me and not just because it’s convenient to.

Although I’m still new at being a minimalist, I’m taking my time, learning new things as I continue on this journey and I’m eager to see where this takes me.

I collaborated with Yolanda Acree a beautiful black minimalist whose little push encouraged me to write this post. She will be publishing an ebook soon with input from black minimalists worldwide.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

6 thoughts on “Becoming A Minimalist 

  1. Based on the explanation in your first paragraph, can we conclude that being a minimalist means being yourself or does it have other meaning(s) that you haven’t mentioned?


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