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Break And Growth

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Some of my readers and friends have been sending concerned messages asking where I am, if I’m safe. I’ve been out of reach for a month both online and offline. This post is a testimony kind of post. I’m so grateful to be alive and to be loved. I was robbed while on a trip but it was not just any type of robbery, it was scary but I’m super grateful to God for preserving me and helping me learn from it.

Because we experience certain things daily, we begin to take these things for granted. The first lesson from my experience is – every daily activity is a blessing from God. And the second is that the only solid security is God’s grace.

Early last month I visited Enugu. Enugu is literally a quiet and one of the safest cities in Nigeria. I know because I attended a federal government boarding school in Enugu. After some days, while I was on my way out I helped a man who robbed me of my valuables and threatened my life. While it was happening, I told him: “Why would you do this to a person who genuinely wants to help you?”. I was in shock even while a woman who witnessed some of what happened gave me transport fare and urged me to go to the nearest branch of my bank to block my account.

I was thinking this is Enugu, not Lagos and I’m a good person, this can’t be happening to me. It was when I got to the bank, I was able to cry and then this God-sent woman walked up to me and said: ” Whatever was taken can be replaced and worth less than your life”.

The next day, I left for Nsukka to visit my paternal grandmother. It was bliss, I got over everything and enjoyed myself immensely. I plucked almost everything I ate, cooked with firewood, drank rainwater, breathed very fresh air and woke up to beautiful scenery. It made me rethink some of the things I held dear. Even when I visited my friend at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I had no zeal to use the available laptop to go online. I only made a few calls with my grandma’s phone. I accepted what happened and moved on.

I feel this happened to help me learn. I will be taking a break from my personal blog, to grow and see how God leads my professional life. During that period I will work on the blog and make it better but I will resume next year by God’s grace. Currently, I’m not certain of the exact resumption date (Lol! Sounds like school right) but it will be next year. To keep up during that period, you can follow me on my social media pages. Also, I didn’t back up my data including contacts if we communicated before or want us to now, please send me a mail or direct message on Instagram.

The reason I used the above photo is that the incident happened around there and the sculpture and roundabout was the last image shot on my previous phone. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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