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Loving Food and Eating Well

Information is good, but sometimes the wealth of information available to us about what to eat and how to eat causes us to form an unhealthy relationship with food. We stop savouring the wonders of food and stop enjoying every moment immensely because we are so busy counting calories and feeling guilty after each meal.

I will be the first person to tell you to eat right because it does wonders for your health and for your well-being. Of course, eating right also help you get a glowing skin. However, don’t let fretting over food become an obsession. When it does, it may lead to severe psychological disorders.


The first thing to keep in mind is that food is here to nourish you inside out, not to control you. The purpose of food is to keep you satiated and provide nutrients for a wholesome life. This mindset enables you to choose healthier and delicious food most of the time.

Eating healthier food doesn’t equate to rushing to the next diet fad. I think it is better to retain your extra weight than losing it and regaining it every second. Healthier foods mean making little but significant changes to your diet. You love bread, switch to whole grain (or seed) bread, use bananas or honey to sweeten instead of refined sugar, use less oil. Basically eating healthier creates room for you to be innovative with food and gives you the freedom to explore all the satisfaction food can give. However, it is important to note that overindulging in nutrient dense foods can still be detrimental. Like in all things, balance is key, so you need to work towards making adequate portions that suit you and your lifestyle.


Because we are social beings, who interact with people and have to go to parties sometimes. It would be ridiculous to carry our food there, it is okay to indulge in those occasional sugary foods. Provided it is truly occasional and in a small portion. Ever wondered why children take their time to savour a cookie? Because that is how it is meant to be eaten, not be wobbled down like the way a hungry lion does when fortunate enough to catch a prey after a long spell.

The most important thing is understanding and exercising the control you have over food. Food doesn’t walk or talk. Food can’t make you eat it, you decide to. You can still love food and live well and healthy. It is all about little steps to choosing wholesome and delicious foods most of the time. It is not about a diet plan but a balanced diet. Not binge eating but spacing your food and eating to your satisfaction when it is time to eat. It is about truly enjoying food, appreciating what goes into it, tune in to the physical sensations you experience while eating, savouring the taste and immersing yourself in the deliciousness of the food.

As you form a healthy relationship with food, you will notice incredible changes to your overall health. Which is priceless. Now you know why the post is titled eating well rather than eating right, as there are numerous ways to eat right to live a wholesome life.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

4 thoughts on “Loving Food and Eating Well

  1. You’re totally right! Luckily, I actually think that healthy foods (whole grain bread and other cereals, vegetables and fruits etc) have a lot more flavour than junk food. So really, it’s not difficult to eat them.
    Btw, is that a peanut butter and banana sandwich? ๐Ÿ™‚

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