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How To Make Party Worthy Jollof Rice: with just fresh tomatoes.

I had to include party-worthy in the title because Nigerian jollof rice lovers know there is jollof rice, party jollof rice and concoction rice. Out of which we love party jollof rice the most, rave about it and use it as our claim to culinary fame. I am all about holistic living and hence do not like tin/sachet tomato (puree) paste, so this jollof rice recipe is about preparing jollof rice without sachet or tin tomatoes paste. Some people have argued that adding it is the only way to achieve proper jollof rice in all its orangish-red glory… I disagree.

You just need a little bit more tomato, a special ingredient and some type of pepper. 😉 The original title had “Honey glazed turkey” so you will also find a short recipe note on it.


• Rice (1 derica/ 2.5 tin milk cup)

• 15 big red tomatoes

• 150 ml of pure groundnut oil (purchased from Ajimi)

• Ground crayfish (1 cooking spoon)

• 9 scotch bonnet peppers (you can add more if preferred)

• 1-inch knob of turmeric

• Salt

• 3 bay leaves

• 4 red bell peppers

• 2 cloves of garlic

• 1-inch knob of ginger

• 6 cayenne chilli peppers

• Dried Thyme (1 tablespoon)

• Curry (1 tablespoon )

• Green peas (optional)

• A sprinkle of Rosemary (optional)

• Green bell peppers (optional)

• Turkey (optional)

• Cabbage (optional, for salad)

• Carrots (optional, for salad)

• Honey (optional for the turkey, purchased from Ajimi)


▪ Wash and blend tomatoes, all peppers (except the green), onions, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and crayfish. Season the puree with salt, and boil with the turkey till the puree turns into a paste. It is the red bell peppers, cayenne peppers, and turmeric that gives it the desired colour in a healthier way.

▪ Wash the rice and drain. Remove turkey when it is cooked.

▪ Heat the groundnut oil, and pour the boiled puree into the oil, add thyme, curry, bay leaves and fry for 2 minutes.

▪ Add the drained rice to the stew and stir for about two minutes before adding water. This method prevents burning to a large extent. Sprinkle rosemary.

▪ To enable the rice boil on time, cover with a foil paper first, then cover with the pot. Note that aluminium foil adds a very minimal amount of aluminium when used in cooking, so you can skip it for health reasons.

▪ Boil on medium to high heat for about 30 minutes depending on your rice of choice.

▪ Once it starts boiling, do not stir! And if you must taste or check the water level, kindly use a wooden spoon or you’ll increase the chance of it burning.

▪ If unfortunately, the rice is burning, use the wooden spoon to open up spaces in between the rice so water from the top can roll down.

▪ When the rice is almost done, some extra people like my friend add stew on the rice (just add, do not stir).

▪ Add chopped green bell peppers and green peas when the rice is ready, steam for a minute or two. Stir (finally!) and stop cooking.

▪ Optional- Fry diced plantain on low heat, and chop cabbage and carrots.


Coat boiled turkey with honey and- bake for 2 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds. You can fry but the honey disperses in the oil.

Jollof Rice and Turkey

Served with Honey-glazed turkey, salad and plantains

Jollof Rice and Chicken

Cooked again, I made this with moi-moi, chicken and beef instead. And I added sweet corn.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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