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My Growth Retention Hair Care Regimen as a Busy Professional

Yay! Hope you enjoyed refreshing old posts with me for May. I’m going to be posting my updated hair care regimen. I cut my hair (before picture at the end) because it was hard to manage as I got very busy, however, I managed to grow about 5 inches from January to June. This regimen is subject to change but this is what works for me currently as a busy professional in the Nigerian (Lagos) climate, with 4b/4c hair, high-porosity and high-density hair trying to retain length. So stick around if you are a busy naturalista.

I noticed that there is a lot of information on low porosity but not many on high porosity hair. I’ll give giving short summaries on each, however, if you want a detailed explanation or have any questions, kindly indicate in the comments.

Hair type – This refers to your curl pattern.

Density – This refers to the number of strands on your head, that is how full or scanty your hair is.

Porosity – This refers to how fast/slow your hair absorbs water and how fast/slow it loses moisture.


I wash my hair bi-weekly or once in three weeks if I have a protective style on. I carry protective styles for a maximum of 3 three weeks and wash after takedown.

I do a pre-poo using onion and garlic juice. Onion mainly for the sulphur and garlic for its antiseptic properties. I blend both together and sieve using a cheesecloth. Then I apply the juice and cover my hair with a shower cap for 2 hours.

I wash using a black soap shampoo, deep condition for 40 minutes and depending on what style I’m using, I do a clay mask (one hour) for wash and go and use a leave-in conditioner for styling. The clay mask gives my hair more definition which is great to help me rock my ‘fro and the leave-in conditioner helps me retain moisture.

The clay mask consists of kaolin clay, ground rosemary and hibiscus tea. I boil the hibiscus leaves, wait for the water to cool a bit, then mix it with clay and rosemary, leave for one hour before washing out. After that, I braid my hair into sections so it doesn’t shrink as it dries. Since my hair is high porosity, the oiling is done minutes after the clay rinse.


  • If it’s a weekend at home, I wash my hair as I’m watching a movie or do it simultaneously with other chores
  • If it’s a weekend out, during a stage when I use the shower cap (pre-poo/deep conditioning/clay mask) I tie a scarf over my shower cap and dress up.
  • Not sitting in the dryer after putting on the shower cap helps me focus on other things.
  • When all else fails I rely on low manipulation protective styles or rock nice headgears so I don’t deal with my hair every day.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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