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My Growth Retention Hair Care Regimen as a Busy Professional

Yay! Hope you enjoyed refreshing old posts with me for May. I’m going to be posting my updated hair care regimen. I cut my hair (before picture at the end) because it was hard to manage as I got very busy, however I managed to grow about 5 inches from January to June. This regimen is subject to change but this is what works for me currently as a busy professional in the Nigerian (Lagos) climate, with 4b/4c hair, high-porosity and high-density hair trying to retain length. So stick around if you are a busy naturalista.

I noticed that there is a lot of information on low porosity but not many on high porosity hair. I’ll give giving short summaries on each, however, if you want a detailed explanation or have any questions, kindly indicate in the comments..Hair type -.Density – This refers to the number of strands on your head, that is how full or scanty your hair is..Porosity – This refers to how fast/slow your hair absorbs water and how fast/slow it loses moisture..


I wash my hair every week. Some people may argue it is too much but as a child and teenager, my hair was washed weekly. When I became natural a lot of hair blogs advised biweekly but I got dandruff somehow which improved immediately I started washing weekly and my scalp is noticeably healthier. I have oily skin (and scalp) so that could be a factor...I do a pre-poo using onion and garlic juice. Onion mainly for the sulphur and garlic for its antiseptic properties. I blend both together and sieve using a cheesecloth. Then I apply the juice and cover my hair with a shower cap for 2 hours...I wash using a black soap shampoo, deep condition for 40 minutes and depending on what style I’m using for the week, I do a clay mask (one hour) for wash and go or a DIY leave in for styling. The clay mask gives my hair more definition which is great to help me rock my ‘fro. The DIY is blending aloe vera gel and adding few drops of lavender oil. This moisturises my hair even when in a style, so I don’t have to touch it until it’s wash day...The clay mask consists of kaolin clay, ground rosemary and hibiscus tea. I boiled the hibiscus leaves, wait for the water to cool a bit, then mix it with clay and rosemary, leave for one hour before washing out. Please note I don’t wash the aloe vera out, just the clay. I seal the aloe vera with a mixture of coconut oil (or carrot oil) from Ajimi and few drops of tea tree oil. Which is what I use after rinsing the clay..After that, I braid my hair into sections so it doesn’t shrink as it dries. Since my hair is high porosity, the oiling is done minutes after the clay rinse, or if it’s aloe vera day, I wait a few minutes to apply the aloe vera, then wait for a few more to apply the oil..Tips

  • If it’s a weekend at home, I wash my hair as I’m watching a movie or do it simultaneously with other chores
  • If it’s a weekend out, during a stage when I use the shower cap (pre-poo/deep conditioning/clay mask) I tie a scarf over my shower cap and dress up.
  • Not sitting in the dryer after putting on the shower cap helps me focus on other things.
  • When all else fails I rely on low manipulation protective styles or rock nice head gears so I don’t deal with my hair every day.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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