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Balanced Diet ft Rice, Beans and Vegetable Stew Recipe

What is a balanced diet? It is basically a meal consisting of all (or almost all of) the classes of food we have. Carbs, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals.

It can be also be termed as a healthy meal comprising of whole foods with adequate calories, micro and macronutrients.

It is originally difficult to sustain a balanced diet as some recipes lack certain classes of food and adding them would alter the traditional taste or enjoyment eg fish and chips.

It is even harder to achieve with new diet plans springing up, some of which include eliminating a class of food altogether. Unless someone has been medically advised to restrict or steer clear from a class of food temporarily/periodically I personally won’t advise anyone to pick up diets like that to lose weight or because it seems healthy.

Each class of food has its purpose and come together to produce a balanced diet that provides our bodily needs and nourishes us.

Food Recipe

  • Boiled white rice
  • Boiled brown beans
  • Boiled egg
  • Cooked turkey seasoned with garlic, ginger, onions and salt.

Vegetable Stew

– Blend tomatoes, scotch bonnet peppers, onions, turmeric; then boil.

– Add palm oil when the broth thickens a bit, after 10 minutes, add pumpkin and basil leaves. Steam for 5 minutes and it’s ready.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

6 thoughts on “Balanced Diet ft Rice, Beans and Vegetable Stew Recipe

  1. Thanks for the insight.
    @foodie I know that keto diet is originally for people who are medically advised and supervised to follow the diet by medical professionals for health reasons.


    1. In addition, the body recognizable source of fuel is not fat but carbs. With keto, you are forcing your body to use fat instead and even at that, most people doing this diet complain of fatigue. Keto is great when done properly and with caution.


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