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Healthy Snack Ideas

If you are currently reading this, then you will know I love food. I love; shopping, preparing, cooking and making food art. Food love can sometimes pose a threat to keeping fit if you are constantly in contact with food. It becomes easy to get out of the three meals window to nitpick on everything. This is why snacks are important, even more so when they are healthy and can be carried around.I love having fruits in my snacks because most fruits have natural sugars and the sweet taste reinforces that you are not missing on processed snacks.Nuts are also another favourites of mine as most have protein and healthy fat.Lastly vegetables because of the fibre and micro nutrients1. Smoothies2. Watermelon, apples, carrots and tiger nuts3. Boiled corn with anything, from avocado to African pear to coconut4. Garden egg and carrots with any nut (or avocado)5. Banana and groundnut (sprinkled with cocoa powder)6. Mixed fruit bowl (any fruit of your choice)You can switch them as you like, what is important is keeping your mouth busy and stomach full with food that nourish your body.


I'm OnyinyeOlufunmi, a visual artist, writer and psychologist from Lagos, Nigeria.

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