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Introverted Extrovert

We all know what introvert and extrovert mean and most will agree they are distinct opposites of each other. According to psychology (Carl Jung), extroverts are gregarious, assertive, enthusiastic while introverts are reserved, reflective. Both traits, however, are not mutually exclusive but are a continuous single personality trait, meaning not everyone falls into the two distinct ends. Those who are in the middle are called ambivert.

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The mini world of Albinos

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I was thinking of what to blog about, I wanted to talk about something we would not ordinarily talk about, a topic that doesn’t pop up in our everyday conversation except we are confronted with it. I finally settled on albinism for the funny reason of A for April, A for albinism. It was a perfect way to make it more fun. We see albinos around us, sometimes we don’t care, other times we look at them with curiosity. Before I delve into the reality of albinism, I featured two albino models based on my A for April, A for Albinism. Read about Shaun Ross and Thando Hopa

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Self Love

I love myself, a lot, but it took me a long time to get to this point. Where I look in the mirror and appreciate myself. I’m not perfect, or the most beautiful or even trying to be. But somewhere along the line, I discovered that God makes no mistakes. I love my tightly coiled hair that raises up like a halo, I love the hairs on my skin which protect me from cold, I love the rich caramel colour of my skin, and my nose, and eyes, and everything that makes me. If everyone was created the same, there would be no difference for us to appreciate.

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Happy Women’s Day!

There are many great women we have all encountered. This year, two stands out. In fact, they stand out every day of my life. They are my mother and paternal grandmother. Two beautiful women who have made me strong and compassionate. They have gone the extra mile for me and love me unconditionally. The truth is, very few people have the capacity to love unconditionally. They built my character by discipline, correction and love.

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A Typical Nigerian Wedding

An Igbo bride. Image via
An Igbo couple. Image via
A Yoruba bride. Image via
A Yoruba couple. Image via

I will start off by saying I’m not married yet but in Nigeria, you don’t even to be, to be caught up in the euphoria, laughter, joy, and wild moments of a wedding. A typical Nigerian wedding is not a small affair. Unlike the Westerners who have invitation cards, in Nigeria, you will find a guest saying her cousin’s best friend is the bride’s former roommate. We Nigerians like to party in a big way and the marriage ceremony can last for days, weeks even. Nowadays, Nigerians have added Court, Church or Islamic wedding (with a big reception of course). The marriage ceremony is very important in all Nigerian cultures and regarded as a union between both the families of the bride and groom. I’m focusing on Nigerian traditional weddings.

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