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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 8

“Yes. Of course, I am your father. Why would you even ask such a question?”
“We don’t look alike.”
“Nifemi, not all daughters look like their fathers. You are the perfect replica of your mother. Would you have preferred to look like me, a man who is ugly, to begin with?”
She laughed “No, bami.” She knew the market woman was lying. Of course, bami is her father.

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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 6

“She has dysgraphia.”
“What?! I don’t understand.”
“It’s a condition where someone who is considered normal intellectually, has difficulty writing although in some cases not all, it affects intellectual ability.”
Nifemi’s teacher grabbed her chest. “How expensive is the cure?”
“There is none. However……. ”
“What caused it?!”
“There is no known cause. Probably someone in her family was or is suffering from it. Just calm down. Once we meet her parents we can find a way to work around it.”
The teacher whispered in the doctor’s ear. The doctor looked at Nifemi and sighed.

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