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Introverted Extrovert

We all know what introvert and extrovert mean and most will agree they are distinct opposites of each other. According to psychology (Carl Jung), extroverts are gregarious, assertive, enthusiastic while introverts are reserved, reflective. Both traits, however, are not mutually exclusive but are a continuous single personality trait, meaning not everyone falls into the two distinct ends. Those who are in the middle are called ambivert.

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How To Easily Make Ankara Shoe

The Ankara fabric is a versatile African fabric that can be rocked with any style. To create this shoe, the materials I used includes gum, Ankara fabric, a black rubber shoe, pen case, scissors and blade. I used a rubber shoe because I feel it is a better surface for the gum to bond the Ankara fabric than any other shoe material.

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Year in Review

This year is almost over and I’m thankful I’m seeing its end. It was an amazing year for me and I achieved some milestones. I made new friends, connected with my old friends on a deeper level, became a blogger on African Naturals, wrote an amazing short story series Kamsi and started another titled Of Dreams and Colours, got much more blog views, had one of the best birthday party, loved myself more, let go of negative energy and I started reading a chapter of the Bible for each day.

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21st Birthday

On the 8th of September, I clocked twenty-one. Since I started my blog, I have never written a birthday post, but I’m doing now because my 21st is pretty special to me. First, I’m alive, healthy, happy, joyful, loved. Second I can finally call myself a woman without feeling too young and yes, I danced to Beyonce’s Grown Woman. I represented all my favourite colours; black, green and purple. And everything I felt was important to me, like my hair. All my friends wore black for my birthday dinner. My bestie made a video presentation of memories and pictures of me and our friends.

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TEDxUnilag, My first TED event.

I was lucky to be invited to the maiden edition of TEDxUnilag. I applied on the website to attend, my application was successful and I was sent a text message and E-mail. TED is an acronym for technology, entertainment and design which it started with but TED also captures from Art to Business to Global Issues. TED features exceptional people who are doing great things to talk about their life, ideas worth spreading and to inspire others. TED started in 1984 and speakers include Chimamanda Adichie, Chris Abani, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, James Cameron (director of Titanic, Avatar, The Terminator), Billy Graham, Thandie Newton. TEDx is an independently organized TED event done in local communities because not everyone can attend the global conference.

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This is the first post on my blog and I’m excited about it! I was born in Lagos, Nigeria to an Igbo father and Yoruba mother. I’m very proud of my heritage, as only a few people in this world can boast of having the rich genes of the Igbo and Yoruba people in one body. I like to describe myself as an ambivert since I don’t fit in either category of extrovert or introvert.

I was a precocious child and still have a little world in my head where I create awesome characters and magic. I’m creative, I love colours, mixing them, painting, creating art. I also love some other things which you will get to discover if you follow my blog. I was an inquisitive child, I was told I could ask anything like – why isn’t the sky black or green, must it be blue?

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