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Nguvu (Download The E-book)

I’m writing this with so much happiness. A while ago I had an idea to share positive true stories of African and Black women to encourage others like us, to give the world the much needed inspirational stories than the negative stereotypes being reinforced about us. So I messaged Zodidi and Lesheni and together we formed a team with Camila and Laksana to present this e-book of strength titled Nguvu. It features resilient and beautiful women who achieved despite all odds. For more please read below. 

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The Silent Book Party 

The silent book party is a time and place where book lovers come to read, discuss and barter books. The organizers Lade Tawak and Denike Sheriff came up with the idea to create an opportunity for people to read in a quiet and convenient place because most times people complain that they don’t have time to read. Even book lovers who have one million books on their to read list.

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Ige Adubi (Book review)

Ige Adubi happens to be one of those books I have a deep connection to. It’s the first adult-like novel (aside required ones for school) my mom got for me. I got it when I was eight and it has survived all my over reading it and lending out.

Ige Adubi is a story about a young girl (who later became a woman) Efunkunmi. She was a princess, the last and favourite child of her father. Her mother the first wife of the king, died after giving birth to her. She was a tomboy, having boys as playmates and closer to her older brother who taught her swordsmanship and horse riding.
Efunkunmi was no ordinary princess. She was destined to free her people from a future calamity and was originally the child of Oluweri, the river goddess. The themes include power, strength, feminism, restoration, the reward for good, punishment for evil and so on.
Ige Adubi was first published in 1998, thus making it a little hard to find but it is still in print. It’s simple, easy to understand but interesting enough to captivate the reader. As a child, it was a really big deal to me, I thought the story was perfect. However, as an adult, I find it a little fast paced and shallow although I still love the story and the concept behind it.