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Of Dreams & Colours – Episode 2

Nifemi was seven when she told bami to stop escorting her to school. She saw other children, walking in pairs or with their mothers. At first, bami didn’t agree but he relunctantly did later when Nifemi brought Tolani and Nike home saying she would go with them to school. Now, Tolani was in jss one. She was in secondary school, she is older than Nifemi and Nike. She looked so polished and she told them incredible stories about being in secondary school. During the weekends, Nifemi gave her assignment to her to help because of the superior way in which she answered them. On their way to school, Nifemi nursed a longing to follow her every time she took the turning that led to her school.

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Of Dreams and Colours – Episode 1

Nifemi ran as fast as she could, almost stumbling on the way. Her little nine-year-old body struggling to keep up with her excitement. Every Friday she went to the market side to watch cars entering and leaving the village, as people travel more during the weekend so she specifically chose Friday so she could see enough to last her for the week. So every Friday after leaving the community school she attended, she ran to the market side to watch cars because the car park was too far and bami wouldn’t allow her to go that far. She always made sure she got home before her father. That was the agreement they made.

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