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My Growth Retention Hair Care Regimen as a Busy Professional

Yay! Hope you enjoyed refreshing old posts with me for May. I’m going to be posting my updated hair care regimen. I cut my hair (before picture at the end) because it was hard to manage as I got very busy, however, I managed to grow about 5 inches from January to June. This regimen is subject to change but this is what works for me currently as a busy professional in the Nigerian (Lagos) climate, with 4b/4c hair, high-porosity and high-density hair trying to retain length. So stick around if you are a busy naturalista.

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Didi – A Yoruba Braiding Style

Didi is an ancient Yoruba braiding style. There two types of didi, didi adimole and didi ologede. I recently did the didi adimole and the hairstyle I chose for it is suku. Suku is a hairstyle where the hair is braided up. Suku looks like a braided bun or pineapple. So the hairstyle is basically suku didi adimole. Previously (last year) I did the other type, didi ologede popularly known as suku ologede.

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Zipped Faux Locs or Zipped Yarn Locs

I actually don’t know the generally accepted name for this hairstyle, hence the title but the important thing is that it is locs. It’s made of yarns (owu in Igbo and Yoruba). The yarns were zipped, almost like fishtail braids, only tighter and stronger. I used seventeen packs of wool, sixteen black and one red. It took me two days to make, with two people making it because my hair is very full and a bit long, also the zipping of the yarns is hard and time-consuming. It was worth it, it can be styled in so many ways and it is unique, unlike twists almost everyone does with yarns. I’ve wanted the Bohemian chic look for so long and this was the perfect way for me to get it and protect my natural hair.

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My First Sets Of Bantu Knots

I was looking for new ways to style my hair, and my friend, Henrietta Nonye Anuforo suggested Bantu knots to me and I decided to make it although I was sceptical at first. I agreed when she told me she will make it. Nonye is very creative and she is someone I can trust with my hair. I washed my hair, deep conditioned it, moisturized and sealed it. She sectioned it randomly because she wanted to create a full look and I will be rocking the knots out not the Bantu knots itself.

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