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What Causes Rape – 2

When it comes to rape, I prefer to focus on the dispositional factors and not situational factors because I refuse to believe that the victim or environment is somehow responsible for what has been done to them. After the first part, someone sent me a long message justifying why prostitutes “slutty girls” should be raped. According to her since they have already had sex before it doesn’t change anything and there is nothing like spousal rape.

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Brother Paul

Th e first time it happened, I was eight and it was two weeks after the elaborate eighth birthday party I had. He came into my room while I was doing my assignment and asked me to lie down. It hurt, like the way it hurts when my mother hits the iron spoon on my head for misbehaving. It was hurting after he was done, even when he asked me to clean up, even when my mother came home and I told her I fell down because brother Paul had told me not to tell her, that I would go to hell if I did. And I didn’t want to go to hell. The thought of fire burning my skin was too horrifying.

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What Causes Rape – 1

“Shalewa, what causes rape?”

“Victim’s dressing, beauty, sexual appeal, drunken state, hairstyle, body signal. When the victim stays out late, goes to visit a stranger, parties with the opposite sex. In fact, rape will be prevented if girls are moral.”

A round of applause for Shalewa, who represents our dear society that consistently sites the above reasons for rape either assertively or subliminally.

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